• Credit Scoring

Hybrid Multi-Stage Adaptive Scoring


  • Scoring models have been used to define the risk and loyalty level of customers, consumers and new product buyers and specifically in the financial sector, credit scoring is a method of evaluating the credit risk of loan or credit applicants.
  • Nowadays, credit scoring plays a vital role in economic growth by improving easy and fast access to credit markets, lowering the price of credit and reducing the economic risks.
  • Credit scoring has gained more and more attention as the credit industry can benefit from improving cash flow, insuring credit collections and reducing possible risks.


  • Traditional scoring methods require that a manual variable reduction/creation process based on trial and error is repeated for each update after model development.
  • Moreover, it is difficult to develop an adaptive credit scoring model based on the current linear methods due to their inherent constraints. Therefore, a dynamic modelling process using state-of-the-art hybrid techniques could be useful for the scoring tasks.
  • At Eris Innovation, firstly we used a multi-objective optimal variable selection in order to obtain the best subset of features with the minimum number of variables in that subset. Secondly we have developed a Hybrid Multi-Stage Adaptive Credit Scoring model applying some advanced metaheuristic classifiers.