The main goal of Data Visualization is to communicate information clearly and efficiently via Smart graphs, plots, lines or bars. Effective visualization helps companies to analyze data and documents, thus improving decision-making processes. For this reason, we use a graph framework in the smartest way possible.

Depending on the business problem that we are chasing, we will put in place the best solution. This way to implement visualization strategies takes in account mainly two areas:

Graphics Frameworks

By using different graphic libraries, we have developed our own framework in order to facilitate visualization of massive quantities of data. Eris Graphic Framework deeply integrates processed data to view, easily, enormous amounts of data to help decision makers with their job.

Presenting data visually allows us to uncover surprising patterns that wouldn't be apparent from simply looking at stats. In order to create data pipelines, to discover answers and to create new analysis for business users, you need to have sharp visualization. It will help you better understand what's happening with your business, your organization or your clients.


With millions of mobile devices in use for business purposes and other millions owned for personal use, it is deeply known that mobility is and will continue to be the way we communicate with each other.

So, in order to provide our customers with the necessary tools to display all collected and analyzed data, mobility has become one of our main line of actions.

At Eris Innovation, we are experts in developing applications with native IOS, Android and Windows Phone apps as well as other hybrid mobile systems, that allow us building cross-platform mobile apps with Standard Web-based technologies like HTML, JavaScript or CSS.