Intelligent Decision Making Framework

The Eris Intelligent Decision Making Framework comprises three layers:

  • We use different Data Sources:
    • Data Marts
    • IoT Data: From Passive, active or dynamic sources
    • Database Silos
    • Cloud Applications
    • Legacy Systems (CRM, SCM, ERPs, etc)
    We stablish the different access layers for the convenient purpose or business driver we want to meet. Data model design is desirable for this layer as well.
  • Data Processing After collecting data from different data sources, we apply several preprocessing and data preparation methods to obtain accurate and reliable sets of data. Then the structured data would be processed and analyzed employing some AI-based techniques to uncover the most valuable information in each piece of data, such as patterns, dominant time trends or even anomalies or abnormalities.
  • Advanced Visualization Once all the data are processed and we have the correct approach for the project and its complexities, Smart Visualization will be more than important. Therefore, we utilize a series of intelligent and Advanced Visualization techniques to be able to exploit the potential of processed data and to display all the valuable results and conclusions. And that's how Eris Innovation is going to help the companies to grow significantly and become consistently productive.